Preparing for Cold Weather Realities

Our experts weigh in on how to safeguard your facility from common cold weather related hazards.


Flat Roofs

  • Inspect roofs each week leading up to and during the winter season.
  • Sweep up debris and check tar seals.
  • Keep roof drains clear and be prepared if necessary to pump water off roof.
  • Check that flashings are flush and secure.
  • Plan for emergency snow removal in event of heavy accumulation. Identify and supply proper equipment and check it in advance of predicted snows.


  • Clean gutters thoroughly, removing all debris and unclogging drains.
  • Run test of gutters and downspouts to be sure water does not back up.
  • Check outflow of downspouts to push water away from building foundation.
Fire sprinkler

Sprinkler Systems

  • Dry pipe and wet pipe sprinkler systems should be mapped along with low point drains, should the system ever need to be initiated.
  • Wet pipe sprinklers need to be protected from cold air so that pipes do not freeze, which would render the system useless.

Winter Preparedness Facilities Checklist

Identifying and tracking facility maintenance problems can be complex if you have multiple buildings on your campus or site. That means your winter facility prep checklist may require a segmented approach.

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