Expand the case studies below to see how Firewater Response has helped in various disaster situations.

One of our Pittsburgh clients, a large engineering firm, has a satellite office in the northern suburbs of Philadelphia. We received a call about a large water loss at their single-story building, which contained multiple partitions and cubicles.

Description of the Loss:

The space was about 6,800 square feet. The roof opened up during a major storm and the entire structure was flooded.


  • Extract the water and dry the structure and its contents.
  • Decontaminate the affected area.
  • Maintain business continuity.

Course of Action:

  • Mobilized emergency crew for the 350-mile ride, scheduled to arrive just after the close of business.
  • Consulted the adjuster and property manager involved ahead of time to case the extent of the damage and ensure we arrived prepared.
  • Verified that our scope matched that of the adjuster.
  • Immediately began extracting the bulk of the water and removing the carpet, ceiling tiles, and partitions that were beyond repair.
  • Set up drying equipment, including commercial dehumidifiers and air movers to exchange wet air with dry air, and began to dry the structure.
  • Treated the area with an anti-microbial to prevent mold and took moisture readings throughout the day.
  • Business was back open the following day. Our drying equipment allows a business to remain functional during a dry out.
  • Took final readings the following morning to ensure the (RH) was regulated, removed our equipment and returned to Pittsburgh.


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