When Rainwater Becomes a Basement Guest

Is Rainwater Becoming an Issue?

Although the temperature outside is heating up, we are still in the season of rain and flooding. This means that your home is not entirely in the clear of basement flooding caused from excess rainwater and an unsealed foundation. And once rainwater makes its way to being an unwanted guest in your basement, it can be difficult to mediate all on your own. At Fire Water response, we are here to help deal with the clean-up, as well as get through any resulting issues and steps you may need to take.

Contact Your Insurance Company

When water damage strikes, it causes major issues in many areas. From ridding of the excess water itself, to fixing things afterward and paying for those fixes can be a heavy matter. That is why documenting the damage and contacting your insurance company is important. After you take pictures of all the damage, as evidence, your insurance company will be able to assess the total costs needed to resource your claim. Without evidence of the flood, insurance companies could fail to fund the full extent of damage, or perhaps deny your claim altogether.

Rainwater Damage

Seek Professional Water Restoration Services

Cleaning up after a basement flood is no solo, novice task. It requires major professional services, like water mitigation that we offer at Fire Water Response. When excess water is present, it takes a skilled professional to properly remove it, repair things afterward and protect the space from more potential flooding. Our services not only include mitigating water damage issues, they also include sealant protection from flooding in the future.

No matter the severity of your basement flood or worries of one occurring, we are here to help. From water damage prevention to water damage restoration and more, at Fire Water Response, we make sure your basement is better than back to normal after a flooding incident. Call now for more information about our spring and summer services.