What to Do to Save From Water Damage

Preventing Water Damage

Saving your property from water damage can be a difficult and expensive task once things are already saturated with water. This is why preventative measures should be taken before water damage issues arise. Piping and flooding mishaps can happen at any time, whether you are prepared or not. Remember that if water damage does occur in your space, don’t panic. There are a few things you can do to save from the water damage as you proceed with water restoration techniques, such as our Fire Water Response team’s flood restoration services.

Rain Storm Water Damage

There are four common sources of water that are often known to enter homes and other spaces: surface water, ground water, storm water, sanitary sewer water. By frequently checking and maintaining areas of your space with such water sources, you can greatly save yourself from water damage.

Surface Water

Surface water from outside can run down your foundation walls, and seep into any crevice that it can, yielding great water damage. Be sure to have clear paths for water to drain into a direction that is away from your home. The use of rain gutters or water ledges, which help to guide surface water away safely, are great tools for preventing flooding and water damage.

Ground Water

Sometimes, especially in Pittsburgh, the rain can be a bit overpowering for a standard rain gutter to handle. And when things like heavy-rain weather occur, normal ground water turns into oversaturation. And when water soaking in the soil surrounding your home’s foundation becomes overly saturated it can actually force its way into your space and leave you with water damage to deal with. This is why it is important to keep your rain gutters and ledges clean, or else they will fill with daily debris and become clogged, preventing them from catching and directing excess water.

Sanitary Storm and Sewer Water

Sanitary storm and sewer water from municipal storm system drains or even drains in your own home can get backed up after so much use. This can cause water to come up through sink and floor drains on lower levels of your space. Make sure to keep all piping clear and running appropriately. If you notice any pressure variances or other odd changes in your water system, contact your water supplier and a plumber immediately.

It is always important to stay on top of water maintenance in order to prevent possible issues and water damage that may transpire as a result. But if water mishaps do get to the point of major water damage or flooding, our water damage mitigation and flood restoration team at Fire Water Response is gladly here to help.