Steps to Take After Home Fire Damage

Home Fire Damage?

Fire damage can be the most difficult to manage because it often occurs from many different sources. There is often smoke damage throughout the house, property damage from flames and soot, heat distortion, and water damage from the firefighting efforts.

Fire Mitigation Damage

Because of these unique challenges, it is always recommended to immediately call a professional company such as Firewater Restoration, but also follow these tips if you have fire damage to your home:

  • Receive permission to enter. Fire damage can be very difficult to assess in a home. While the structural integrity may look fine on first glance, heat can compromise the support beams within a house and often fires can either re-ignite or new ones created because of electrical damage.
  • Contact your insurance company. Your insurance provider can discuss your coverage, help locate temporary housing, and secure your home from potential vandalism.
  • Survey important documents. Make an inventory list of documents that may have been destroyed in the fire such as driver licenses, birth/marriage certificates, passports, etc. Obtain a report from your local police or fire departments to make replacing these documents easier.
  • Photograph damage. If allowed in your home, take detailed photographs for insurance purposes and to create a detailed list of property damage. Insurance companies often will send a licensed home inspector to help assess damage.
  • Assess your home and property damage. An experienced professional restoration company can help you determine whether your possessions can be salvaged, and if possible, take the necessary steps to clean and preserve your home.

Additionally, fire damage does not automatically mean your home is permanently inhabitable. At Firewater Restoration, we ensure that any water or chemical spray from fire extinguishers is totally removed from the area. We properly ventilate the area to allow as much of the smoke smell as possible to dissipate. We clean any soot and ashes that linger on many surfaces, including the walls of the home. We also know exactly which materials and products to us to leave the walls as clean as possible

Fires can be the most unpredictable and damaging disasters that occur in your home. While it is tough to prepare for an event like this, taking the necessary steps quickly can get your family back into your home as soon as possible.