Safely & Professionally Remove Water From Your Home

Home Water Removal

Pittsburgh rain often results in home water damage, whether as a simple leak or as an intense household flood. If your Pittsburgh home has water anywhere except for in its sink, toilets, and appropriate piping lines—or if these locations themselves are overflowing—you are probably in need of professional water extraction and water damage mitigation services. Not only does water need to be removed to solve flooding or leak issues. The source of the excess water, as well as the damage caused already, need to also be dealt with skillfully in order to fully resolved and prevented excess water issues.

-Proper Water Extraction

When water floods, the damage caused is nearly instant. How much damage emerges depends on how long you let that water sit and fester. By using high grade pumps to extract the bulk of the excess flood water, it is then possible to begin drying out your structure. This minimizes your losses due to damage, and helps to get your building back to full strength. At Fire Water Response, we immediately respond to any flood related emergency to reduce damage and any associated dangers.

Professional Water Removal

-Professional Water Damage Mitigation

After the excess flood or leak water is extracted from your home, the areas with absorbed water and residual damage can finally be mitigated and restored. At Fire Water Response, we make sure there is neither a residual moisture odor, nor any presence of mold growth. If there are musty odors or unwelcome growth in once-dampened or submerged areas, our team will eradicate them with safe and effective tools, such as a professional-grade dehumidifier, as soon as possible.

-Preventative Measures Now for No Worries Later

Once your home is restored after water damage, it is important to also take preventative measures to prevent leaks and flooding from reoccurring. Draft-proof windows and general waterproofing, for instance, go quite far in protecting the inside of your home from outside water damage. One flood is too many; make sure you and your home are protected indefinitely.

Water extraction and water damage mitigation services are necessary for Pittsburgh homes that have been exposed to excess water and its resulting damage. At Fire Water Response, we provide these services—for both commercial and industrial use—with the utmost professionalism, accuracy and efficiency. Our 24/7 emergency response team also makes sure that your home’s water issues are rectified as soon as possible, no matter when problems arise. If your home is being affected by summer thunderstorms and flooding or other excess water leaks, do not hesitate to call our professionals now.