Risks of Water Damage

What are My Risks of Water Damage?

When water becomes damaging to your home, there are many risks and repercussions involved which include more than simply having a dampened house. Water, whether from a sewage pipe or fresh rain, often contains toxic contaminants. These contaminants will absorb into your home and develop into severe, toxic water damage issues. At Fire Water Response, we can help with commercial water damage and water damage preparation. Contact us today about our Water Damage Mitigation and Water Extraction services to help against the following water damage risks and more.

The Risks of Water Damage

Breeding Micro-Organisms

From viruses to bacteria, water damage will yield the perfect environment for micro-organisms to breed and grow. These micro-organisms will produce airborne toxins which are extremely unhealthy to breathe in, and often cause allergic reactions in severe cases. Cleaning up after water damage is more than only drying things out. A proper clean-up also sanitizes possibly infected areas.

Dust Mite Growth

Dampened furniture, even after drying, can promote the growth of dust mites. Equally as serious as other breeding micro-organisms, dust mites can induce an asthmatic reaction and pneumonia in susceptible people. Dust mite clean-up requires certified technicians, who take caution with appropriate gear to protect against toxins.

Mold Development

As well as with the development of micro-organisms and dust mites, mold is also popularly known to develop under dampened circumstances. Mold is a contaminant, so it too can not be eliminated by mere means of drying things out after water absorption.

Often after water damage occurs, much of a home’s furnishings need to be replaced. Although you may be able to dry away excess water, contaminants like the above will still be present. In order to remove excess water as well as properly eliminate contaminants, you need professionals like us at Fire Water Response to deal with commercial water damage and water damage preparations. Contact us today for more information on keeping your home dry and contaminant-free after water damage risks.