Are You Prepared for Frozen Pipes?

Be Prepared for Frozen Pipes

It may seem like we are all ready for winter to be over, but the truth is there are a few more weeks before spring arrives to warm us, and melt the ice and snow. And with as unpredictable as the temperature can be, even with weather capturing technology, preparing your home’s pipework for another possible pipe-freezing cold front is not a bad idea.

Frozen Pipe Preparation

Frozen pipes do not mean coinciding frozen water too. Thus, when a frozen pipe bursts, and water sprays in all directions as a result, you are in for an indoor, winter waterfall experience that can be quite an issue for your wallet and home or office. So taking the appropriate preventative measures, such as with the steps listed below, on your home’s pipework is imperative for reducing the stress of potential water damage.

Wrap Exposed Pipes with Insulation

Pipe insulation can be purchased inexpensively at your local home improvement store. Just like insulating yourself with layers of clothing while in cold temperatures, wrapping exposed pipes with insulation helps to keep pipes warm, and you clear of frozen pipes. 

Get Warm Air Flowing

Open up the doors to pipes under sinks and elsewhere within your space when you have the heat turned on. Getting warm air to flow around exposed pipes will warm them, and prevent frozen pipes.

Ajar Outside Faucets

Sinks which are against walls next to the outside (rather than a wall with an inside room on either side) should be turned on to a low trickle to get water moving without fully turning it on, of course. Since moving water takes longer to freeze, it will help against a potentially freezable pipe. Also, by opening the faucets on already frozen pipes you can help to relieve pressure as the pipes thaw so that it is less likely to rupture.

As with going to the grocery store to stock your kitchen’s pantry in lieu of a bad snow storm, preparing the rest of your home for winter weather by following the above steps is equally as important. Yet, if a cold front comes before you can prepare, and water damage does occur, FireWater Response can take care of such problems with their water damage restoration services.

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