Sewage Line Break | Case Study

Firewater Response was called in following a large sewage line break and back up in a major Pittsburgh Hospital. The hospital has 146 beds and is home to one of the region’s largest transplant centers. A sterile environment is absolutely necessary.

Description of Loss-
A wastewater line breaks and overflows on multiple floors and areas. Sinks and toilets backed up with raw sewage.


  • Extract water and sewage
  • Decontaminate all affected areas
  • Regulate the air quality
  • Clean and sterilize contents
  • Restore to industry standard

Course of Action-

Wastewater line Break

Sewage Line Break

Water Damage

  • Firewater Response came to the site for a walkthrough with corporate to assess the damage, answer questions, and prepare the scope.
  • Prepared scope according to IICRC and EPA standards and practices.
  • Organized teams to address the different areas and began extracting the water and excrement.
  • Removed the contaminated contents of the room for prompt sterilization.
  • Used industry approved anti-microbial to clean the structure and contents.
  • Used hydroxyl technology to correct air quality
  • Started drying process, taking daily readings.
  • Submitted Report along with reading charts for moisture.
  • Final walkthrough with appropriate parties to sign off and reopen the affected areas.