Structural Drying

 Commercial and Industrial Structural Drying

According to the IICRC, “…the “in-place” drying system has been taught in the industry and used by drying contractors since the early ’80s. In those days, this method of drying components, without significant removal of furnishings or fixtures, was somewhat restricted, due to limitations imposed by extraction, evaporation and dehumidification equipment. In recent years, however, drying technology (extraction, evaporation, dehumidification), along with better understanding of psychrometry, has advanced in major ways so that in-place drying has, in some cases, become far more safe and practical.”

Using state of the art, green equipment, Firewater Response can effectively remove the moisture from your walls, ceiling or floors with minimal construction.  We have the necessary tools and training to allow most businesses to remain functional during a dry out.