Outbreak | Case Study

Firewater response received an urgent call from one of our regions housing authorities about an outbreak of scabies in a commercial building with a daycare on the first floor. Many children were infected and there was concern that the outbreak would spread to other
areas in the building.

Description of Loss-
Scabies outbreak affecting a daycare facility in a multi-level, multi-unit structure


  • Eradicate all traces of the scabies
  • Minimize loss of business
  • Restore building to industry standard

Housing Authority

Cleaning Equipment

Quarantined Infected Area

Course of Action-

  • Consult CDC for standards and practices
  • Mobilized a certified 10 person crew
  • Equip work force with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including N95 masks.
  • Quarantined infected area
  • Sorted and decontaminated contents of the daycare using an industry approved biocide.
  • Treated walls, floors and surfaces
  • Used HEPA vacuums to disinfect carpeting
  • Submitted MSD sheets to the housing authority.
  • Housing Authority signs off after losing only one business day.
  • Assured the issue was abated pending the infected were properly treated.
  • Thoroughly cleaned all equipment used and discarded the PPEs.