Large Loss

Firewater Response recently acquired the revolutionary, green desiccant dehumidifier.

Our equipment removes moisture from air by using a desiccant. It dehumidifies, extracts moisture, improves indoor air quality, and corrects humidity and moisture problems in even the most humid and wet climates. Desiccant dehumidification is an established green technology that has been used successfully for many years in institutional, industrial and commercial applications.  Firewater Response will extract the moisture from your building from the outside, powered by a clean diesel generator, filter the particulates using HEPA technology, and will translate the clean, moist air into steam and release it into the atmosphere.

Firewater Response partners with General Contractors to help insure the project is executed efficiently.  Building materials need to maintain equilibrium moisture content before during and after construction. The Arid Dry desiccant dehumidifier can provide low vapor pressures to return materials to normal equilibrium moisture content. Many materials such concrete can shorten the “Cure Time” by providing low vapor pressure air to increase or maintain the evaporation of water in the material. Other materials such as some fire protection materials are applied in solution with water, the water can be evaporated faster using the “Accelerated Drying System™”. Dry Wall mud, concrete and painting systems using water based components can also be benefit using the Arid Dry equipment.