Green Equipment

The elimination of excess moisture is a very precise science. Firewater Response will  calculate grains of moisture and relative humidity with the use of humidistats and hygrometers. Our infrared cameras allow us to detect moisture behind walls in order  to quickly find the source and case the extent of the damage with no demolition.  The drying times of almost every material can be accurately calculated and monitored. Data loggers or HOBO monitors are electronic data-collection instruments that capture and record measurements at set intervals over a period of time. In buildings, data loggers most commonly collect temperature and relative humidity (RH) data, but they can also capture equipment run-time.

Firewater Response has an extensive array of moisture control, air purification,  and microbial decontamination equipment.  We proudly offer hundreds of dehumidifiers and air movers, water extractors, air scrubbers, hydroxyl generators , HEPA vacuums, and more.  Firewater Response will help to minimize construction using an injectidry system to dry out your walls from the inside.

Please visit the large loss page to view the desiccant dehumidifier and learn more about its applications