Flood and Sewage Restoration

Pittsburgh Flood and Sewage Mitigation Services

Sewage backup problems and the flooding that it cause can paralyze your facility. Aside from the hazardous and foul-smelling water, sewage flooding can lead to other serious concerns such as:

  • Water damage to your furniture, equipment, etc.
  • Inability to use your facility, leading to loss of business and income
  • Health hazards related to the bacteria in the sewage water

Firewater Response is Pittsburgh’s #1 Flood and Sewage Mitigation Specialists, serving the Pittsburgh area proudly for over 20 years, with additional offices in Erie, PA and Wheeling, WV. Our expert team of cleanup professionals is certified by The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration, and we will solve your sewage backup problem quickly.

Immediate Pittsburgh Sewage Mitigation Services

Sewage backup and flooding problems can occur for a number of reasons, including rainstorms, torrential downpours, or spring thaws. Each of these events can cause your sewage drains and septic tanks to back up and result in serious flooding. Immediately addressing the problem is the best way to ensure that backup and flooding does not recur.

Sewage water is full of waste materials as well as a slew of bacteria that quickly multiplies. Leaving it untreated increases the danger of cross-contamination by handling of contents and simply walking through the area. Our mitigation process efficiently removes all trace of the sewage and restores your home to pre-loss condition, using micro-ban and other industry-approved decontaminates and state-of-the-art hydroxyl generators to thoroughly scrub the air. Firewater Response can also help salvage any contents you may want to keep.

Firewater Response – Pittsburgh’s Best Sewage Mitigation Company

The experts at Firewater Response know how devastating a flood and sewage damage can be. We have the equipment to easily contain, cleanup and remove any sewage or water while we take the necessary steps to dry out your property. When it comes to Pittsburgh flood and sewage mitigation, look no further than Firewater Response. Certified by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, our team is certified and trained in IIRC standards, and our years of experience, combined with our many satisfied customers, ensures that you will get the best possible results.

Specialists in Commercial Sewage Restoration

If you are experiencing sewage and/or flood problems, contact us today for an estimate – our friendly and professional staff will be happy to set one up for you at your convenience.