Construction Trailer Damage | Case Study

A local housing authority’s doublewide construction trailer was broken into overnight. The assailant punched through the window and cut their self badly leaving blood everywhere throughout the structure and outside in the lawn and fence.

Description of Loss-
Blood contaminated the trailer inside and out, affecting structure, furniture and documents.

Decontaminate the structure, contents and documents, removing all traces of blood.

Construction Trailer Restoration

Damage Repair

FireWater Response Damage Repair

Course of Action-

  • Consulted Blood Born Pathogen removal according to OSHA standards and practices.
  • Equipped worker with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including, N95 masks, Tyvex suits, protective eye wear, gloves and booties.
  • Removed all confidential documents, boxed and sent out to be scanned and reproduced, then discarded.
  • Removed furniture and contents for cleaning using industry approved microban for blood.
  • Cleaned outside, including fences, sidewalk and the lawn around the trailer.
  • Decontaminated the entire structure, removing all traces of blood.
  • Reinstalled the clean contents including electronics and furniture.
  • Received the report and confidential documents to return to the site.
  • Finished the job, insuring all traces of blood had been removed.
  • Thoroughly cleaned all equipment used and discarded PPEs.